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 Countryboy's Gwagon Build!!!

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PostSubject: Countryboy's Gwagon Build!!!   Wed 10 Sep 2008, 21:51

Here is the fast but, still unfinished version of my Gwagon build!!! Very Happy

Well guys after drooling over hundreds of builds on here, BYT, RCA(sig), and RCC I decided to build my own scaler!!!

Chassis-Custom Chassis from ou812
Shocks-Front Rustler/Pede's
Motor-Stock Tamiya Silver Can (for now)
ESC-Dynamite 1200 NiMh (for now)
Servo-Traxxas 2055 (for now)
Driveshafts-Maxx Shafts With WK Yokes
Body-Gwagon (pantablo's)
That's about it for now!!!
WOO-HOO!!!!!! I got some paper...check it out!!! 🍌 🍌

Ok, enough of joking here are some mock-up pics showing off the body!!!! What do yall think should I use one or two of the bumpers or not?? I think the back looks a little bare but, other than that it all looks good to me!!!

and here is a pic of everything i'm using excluding chassis!!!

Sorry it's been awhile guys and the pic is kinda blurry/fuzzy but, it gets the job done but, doesn't do the body it's justice!!!!

Hey 7point, I doubt that til' I can get my license but, anyways snapped a new pic "just" for Like I said a quick pic just to try...but failed, to show off the soft top!!! lol.


That's it for now, open to all comments and suggestions!!! Sorry for the long wait!!!
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Countryboy's Gwagon Build!!!
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