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 Speaking of new places to crawl!

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Stone Crusher
Stone Crusher

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PostSubject: Speaking of new places to crawl!   Wed 28 Nov 2007, 01:38

The guys over on NC4x4 are reacting the closing of MOAB by starting their own ORV here in NC.

Heres the premis:
Members will be donating money to a fund used to aquire land.
Donators will be "stock Holder" in land according to their donation
Access to the land will be traded for a combination of $$$ and labor

I have already put the suggestion out there that CRR be allowed to build and maintain a Comp course out there. Perhaps the club can start holding auctions and raising money to become stock holders in this enterprise.

It would be kinda cool to have a home course that changes very little from time to time.

Anyway...just a thought. i dunno what kinda fundraising we could do and i would feel kinda stupid being a grown man washing cars.....but i'll do what ever we need to do raise enough for the club to be part of the buy in. your thoughts here, and get over there and make your opinion known on and RC area so that its factored into the deal in the earliest stage possible!
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Speaking of new places to crawl!
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