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 Well this is what I came up with. Me, Randy

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El Presidente
El Presidente

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PostSubject: Well this is what I came up with. Me, Randy   Sat 17 Nov 2007, 23:45

Why I should be President.

-I am the 2007 vice president and helped Brandon lead us as group to where we are now. The only reason we deciding on new President is because Brandon had to step down because of work.
-Iíve been there since the beginning, back before CRR was even thought of and one of the founding members of the club.
-I have the experience and know how.
-I have helped others and got a lot people interested in this sport. This includes Cameron, Scott, Wade and his family. There are some others that donít come out but are still into the crawling thing.
-I got the ball rolling for the High Speed Hobbies Demo, the dump truck, and the rock with the help of Scott.
-I have set up the ability to go to the DPG.
-I would like to see more than one person go to the Nationals.
-I agree that things need to change but we still need to have fun at doing it also.
-We as a club need to decide on club dues and other expenses.
-I will to try to make things run smoothly as possible and keep things fun but at the same make it more difficult.
-I will make sure all things are voted on.
-I know how to get things done whether its home, work or play. I got a foreman position with less five years were I work now, my last job I was assistant plant supervisor with in two years of being there.
I know that stuff donít really matter but oh well.

Randy Jones

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Rock Raider
Rock Raider

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PostSubject: Re: Well this is what I came up with. Me, Randy   Sun 18 Nov 2007, 00:22

Ok, I know this is premature. But now that we have (and I'm saying this because it Seems that we have all our canidates) heard from both individuals, the club as a whole needs to recap everything we know about Hap and Rene, and make an informed decision as to who would be best suited to lead us into 2008. I know I really don't know both very well, But I consider them both friends. Both have been helpful in their own ways. Both understand which way we need to go. Give it up to these two, they are willing to take on a great burden and make us a better club. If it were not for Rene, I'd never have know that Lipos could shoot 6 foot flames! If it were not for Randy, I'd never have know Crayola made pretty colors for trucks!What a Face

But with seriousness, lets take time to really think about what we are about to do. Judge by fact. And lets make a good informed decision.
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Stone Crusher
Stone Crusher

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PostSubject: Re: Well this is what I came up with. Me, Randy   Sun 18 Nov 2007, 01:50

yup...this is gonna be a difficult choice, but in the end, i dont think either is going to be the wrong choice. Everytime the club has needed a volunteer, Randy has always been the first to raise his hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Well this is what I came up with. Me, Randy   

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Well this is what I came up with. Me, Randy
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